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In the shadows

The ancient art of shadow puppetry has long been enjoyed by Scouts. We explore its origins and suggest shapes young people can create using only light and imagination

Coordinator and Supporter for First Aid training

To manage the training and provision of first aid to the Area for all leaders including full courses and refresher courses,
to be able to manage a small team of first aid trainers
to keep up to date with First…

Wildest dreams

We head into the forest with Scout Adventurer and wild camping expert Phoebe Smith, to learn why getting a good night’s sleep should be your next big adventure

DIY scarves for World Scarf Day

Scout Scarf Day is celebrated on 1 August to commemorate the first Scout Camp on Brownsea Island in 1907. The day is a chance for Scouts – young and old – to wear their scarves through the day in the spirit of Scouts. The scarf is reminder that in line with the Scout Promise, we’re here to leave the world a better place than we found it.

How to handle challenging behaviour

When Scouts goes well, it’s a joyous thing, creating connections and lasting memories. However, sometimes certain behaviours can present challenges. We spoke to authors and educators Paul Dix and Noël Janis-Norton to get their thoughts on how volunteers can help to promote positive behaviour      

First day of activities

What an amazing couple of days. Our BSO Scouts have flown, ridden or driven to the Jamborette from Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Thanks to Nana Yasma for greeting everyone and to Dominic Afriat for giving up his Saturday…

The Scouts are coming!

As BSO is the biggest Area in British Scouting, our young people are coming from far and wide to attend this year’s Haarlem Jamborette. Here’s 1st Maisons-Laffitte’s Thomas on a ferry from Kefalonia to Zakinthos, ready for a flight up…

Arriving at Haarlem

Nathan, Ashley and (even more importantly) all our stuff has arrived at the site. We had a warm welcome from the Rusty Railrood Subcamp team.…

We’re off to the Haarlem Jamborette!

There’s another big Scout camp happening this summer – the Haarlem Jamborette in the Netherlands. BSO is sending a 65-strong contingent of Scouts and Explorers, and there will be more BSO Scouts there from Belgium, the Netherlands and even Norway.…

A match made in Scouts

Ray and Edna met in Scouts and lived their lives through Scout values. It seems only fitting to see their dedication to the Scouts family commemorated at Gilwell Park.

It takes all sorts

Because different leaders bring different strengths to Scouts, learning about personality types – our own, and those around us – can help us work better together. We asked collaboration coach Kate Tapper to share her tips 

Faking It

Have you shared an article, or told a friend a story, without double-checking the facts? If so, you could be responsible for spreading fake news. We find out how to spot it, and what can be done about it

Towers of wisdom

Adaptable. Resilient. Generous. These words could be applied to Scouts, but they also describe trees from around the world, including our own Gilwell Oak, that have valuable lessons to teach us. 

New Area Commissioner

We’re delighted to share that Nathan Prince has been appointed by Callum Kaye, International Commissioner to the role of Area Commissioner from September.   Nathan will be working closely with Peter through the summer.
Nathan first joined Scouting as a Cub…

Jersey Scouts

Throughout WW2, Nazi troops invaded the island of Jersey, and banned all Scout activity on its shores. But that didn’t stop one Troop from meeting in secret, right under the occupier’s noses